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"Eclipse-Watching with a Nebraskan Shemale"
Bizarro Pulp Press

"The Evil Glee"
3:AM Magazine

"America's poetry biz resembles the Democratic party"
Die Novelle-Zeitschrift für Experimentelles

"Archangel Screaming With a Hard-On"

"Chuffed to Be Dunked in Duchamp's Pissoir"
Word Riot (archived)

"Bizarro is My God-Baby"
Unlikely Stories

"Neanderthals Sprinkling Their Dead With Flowers"
The Drill Press

"Like a Love-Sarong With No Zipper"

"Engendering a Vigorous Race of Beings With the Mystic Chord"
Imperial Youth Review

"Glad-Handers, Ad-Men, Charmers and Hustlers"
Unlikely Blog

"Hemorrhaging Slave of an Obese Eunuch"
Bees Make Honey Creative Community (archived)

"Liberal Woosy Half-Measures"
MadHatLit (archived)

"Political Activist vs. Apolitical Quietist"
Nthposition (archived)

"No Thermodynamic Misdemeanors"


"Tom Bradley Happy-Fucks Osaka"
-- Barry Katz, 3:AM Magazine

"Tom Bradley and the Sam Edwine Pentateuch"
-- Cye Johan, Exquisite Corpse

Audio Book from Ahadada Press

At the Airport
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What happens when a teenager armed with a cheese dog and a large root beer sees an aviophobic National Book Award winner trembling in the departure lounge?

Hear the whole CD.

Listen to Tom reading stories that bounce back and forth across the Pacific as if it were a mud puddle:

Undecorated Dad
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A seven-foot-tall member of the Greatest Generation gets to stay home from World War II and fornicate with his friends' wives.

Procedures for an American Military Wife Stationed in Hiroshima in Times of Increased Terrorist Activity
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If, by some horrific coincidence, Osama bin Laden has chosen this moment to come and pitch you and your babies off the balcony--no problem.