Tom Bradley is one of the most exasperating,
offensive, pleasurable, and brilliant writers I know.
I recommend his work to anyone with spiritual
fortitude and a taste for something so strange
that it might well be genius.
-- Denis Dutton, Arts & Letters Daily

* * * *
When Tom Bradley was a little boy he was given a gazetteer
for Christmas. As little boys will, he looked up all the
places in the world that start with the F-word. There were
two, Fukien in China and Fukuoka in Japan. Little did he
suspect that he would one day be exiled to both.

Tom is a former lounge harpist. During his pre-exilic
period, he played his own transcriptions of Bach and Debussy
in a Salt Lake City synagogue that had been transformed into
a pricey watering hole by a nephew of the Shah of Iran.

He taught British and American literature to Chinese
graduate students in the years leading up to the Tiananmen
Square massacre. He was politely invited to leave China
after burning a batch of student essays about the democracy
movement rather than surrendering them to "the leaders."

Also see Face Fook, if you absolutely must.
He wound up teaching conversational skills
to freshman dentistry majors in the Japanese
"imperial university" where they used to
vivisect our bomber pilots and serve their
livers raw at festive banquets. But his
writing somehow sustains him.

"I tell you that
Dr. Bradley has devoted his
existence to writing because he intends for
every center of consciousness, everywhere,
in all planes and conditions (not just
terrestrial female Homo sapiens in breeding
prime), to love him forever, starting as
soon as possible, though he's prepared to
wait thousands of centuries after he's dead."
-- Cye Johan, Exquisite Corpse

"The contemporaries of Michelangelo found it
useful to employ the term 'terribilita' to
characterize some of the expressions of his
genius, and I will quote it here to sum up
the shocking impact of this work as a whole.
I read it in a state of fascination,
admiration, awe, anxiety, and outrage."
-- R.V. Cassill, editor of The Norton
Anthology of Fiction
drawing by David Aronson,