Story Collections
Even the dog won't touch me.
Tom Bradley
Stories that bounce back and
forth across the Pacific as
if it were a mud puddle:

A seven-foot-tall member of
the Greatest Generation gets
to stay home from World War
II and fornicate with his
friends' wives... sexually
ambiguous creatures lay a
six-figure book advance on a
harelip... an obese janitor
in a Mormon prayer hall
wedges himself behind the
organ pipes, dies, and "fills
the joint with green corpse

Meanwhile, in China...

A Palestinian medical student
gets chained to a conveyor
belt in a Manchurian abortion
mill... a former Red Guard
returns from rustication only
to find his comrades running
a bourgeois beauty salon
STAJJONE'S... an American
"foreign expert" hijacks a
beggar's wheelchair and
steals a baby...
Ahadada Books
Small Press Distribution
copies from Tom
rave in Exquisite Corpse
rave in Pedestal Magazine
audio book
Black Rainbows Press
Calliope's Boy features, among other
gentry, a lapsed Mormon banjoist
losing his mind in the London tube; a
Japanese language teacher being
fisted in the Utah desert by wild
Uncompahgre Indians while their
squaws gnaw on his fingers; a
compulsively masturbating former Red
Guard; a visit to the corpse-littered
bowels of Beijing's Public Security
Bureau lockup; and an acid-addled
fourteen-year-old's brain dalliance
with an old lady in a Nevada psych

Along the way we learn special
secrets, such as, for example, the
techniques which Hiroshima Yakuza use
to beat their Filipina sex slaves
without bruising the merchandise, and
also how feigned cunnilingus can keep
you from being thrown off a Chinese

"Tom Bradley is one of the most
criminally underrated authors on the
--Andrew Gallix, editor and publisher
of 3:am Press
Hemorrhaging Slave of an Obese
happens in the middle of the
Adriatic Sea during Neronic times,
in Hiroshima Cathedral's
demon-infested basement, in the
royal elephant stables of a
Hindustani town three millennia ago,
in a Tokyo AIDS hospice disguised as
a derelict kindergarten, on a yacht
anchored off a South China leper
isolation colony, and on top of a
skull-shaped and -textured
geothermal formation in the
prune-colored midnight.

"This Bradley would make Lafcadio
Hearn reel with laughter...if not
shake his head in wonder."
--Lolita Lark, editor of RALPH

"I love the contradictions in
Bradley's work: the subtlety beneath
the rollicking humour; the
precision, in his more political
work, underlying the scathing tone;
and the clarity of his language
--Val Stevenson, editor of
nthposition Magazine
Dog Horn Press
Neopoiesis Press
Visit a concentration camp for
spastics, mental defectives and
political derelicts in the jungle
outside Foo-Chow. Help prepare
Japan's Crown Princess for
“bridal breach” in the Togu
Palace. Watch children undergo
systematic emotional abuse in a
Soviet kindergarten. Poke around
for uncollapsed blood vessels
with a junkie tart during High
Mass in China's underground
church. Learn how to make a movie
from absolute scratch using only
stuff you can find in the back

"Tom Bradley is the libertine
that Camille Paglia tries to
portray herself as, in order to
keep her Jocasta fantasies at
--Jonathan Penton