A literary giant among pygmies.
3:AM Magazine

Bradley’s characters tend to be less than respectable, yet imbued with a ferocious
sense of the absurd, which is essential for survival and sanity--or at least what
passes for sanity--in environments akin to madhouses...Dr. Bradley is a Class-A
tongue-in-cheek satirist, and some of his sharpest barbs are those that zoom in on
the pompous and pretentious world of modern--or post-modern--literature.
Pacific Rim Review of Books

A merciless humor and tireless passion for words not seen since the King James
Bible drive Bradley's work at bullet-train speed through unmapped areas of
linguistic elasticity and imagination. Readers once begun will find their
concentration hostaged from all other diversions until they reach the last page.
--David Wood, author of
A Definitive Study of Sylvia Plath's Imagery

...impressive, funny, pleasantly challenging, and utterly unique.
--Dennis Loy Johnson

His near-superhuman erudition and virtuosic grasp of English prose are widely
acknowledged, along with the effortless, playful, and, yes, beautiful way he can toss
around blocks of rhetoric and arcana that would crush other writers.
--Siegfried Tolliot, Afterword,
This Wasted Land and its Chymical Illuminations

The real point of reading Bradley, aside from his illumination of the ridiculous and
grotesque world around us, is the rolling cadence of his pitch-perfect writing. We
prize competent prose here at Danse Macabre, but we absolutely adore the rich,
coloratura tones of Bradley’s work, the strong, steady voice guiding us with spot-on
verbiage and heady switchbacks to revelations by turns disgusting, divine, and gut-
bustingly hilarious.
--James Kendley,
Danse Macabre

When is the world going to wake up to the genius of Tom Bradley? ...one of the
most criminally underrated authors on the planet.
--Andrew Gallix,
3:AM Magazine

Beyond the flawless surface of his stylistic facility, I am most impressed by Tom
Bradley's ability to walk the edge of a tone that is simultaneously irreverent and
profoundly serious. His work derives from the tradition of bawdy and absurdist
black comedy of the late sixties, but is not an imitative slave to that tradition. It
seems to me that Bradley has learned well from that generation of authors, but has
mitigated their example with an even more traditional moral seriousness. It is a
delight to be able to laugh aloud when one reads, and it is even more satisfying
when there is a significant point to the laughter.
--Gordon Weaver, author of
The Way We Know in Dreams

Tom Bradley is the libertine that Camille Paglia tries to portray herself as, in order
to keep her Jocasta fantasies at bay.
--Jonathan Penton, "When Spencer met Hannibal: Recreational Cannibalism in the
New American Century"

The fetid swamp of patriotism. The vapid legacy of TV culture. The intolerable
stench of America's meat-based habits. Tom Bradley has seen it all coming and
given it an inimitable voice. His prose delights as it slices and carves. His ideas
entertain even as they challenge and provoke. We finally have a term for what falls
between fiction and non-fiction: Bradley.
--Mickey Z., author of
Dear Vito

Brilliant evocative writing. Bizarre imagination let free--an enviable skill.
--Consuelo Roland, author of
The Good Cemetery Guide

A drowning tide of ebullient doom...
--Phil Rockstroh

Tom Bradley is a writer of truly extravagant gifts...It is remarkable to me that
anyone who writes at such length could have an ear as fine as his for the rhythms
of prose--but every sentence is considered, balanced and felicitous... I'd be hard
pressed to think of any writer who has Bradley's stamina, his range, his learning,
his felicity.
--Stephen Goodwin, author of
Blood in Paradise

Tom Bradley's formidable prose evokes the work of two other towering Toms. Like
Tom Pynchon, Bradley possesses the power to wield language like a stun gun; but
he tempers his cynicism with genuine affection for his characters, a la Tom
Mainichi Daily News

Bradley’s trajectory of books, from the early SAM EDWINE NOVELS up through
the mesmeric satire of VITAL FLUID and essay collections like PUT IT DOWN IN
A BOOK, is toward a geist where categories have yet to be described. The fastenings
and joineries of his new textual and graphic ubiety are measured in calibrations
from some other dimension where the usual sockets and taper points of critical
disassembly have to be replaced. Even with that, FAMILY ROMANCE is deviously
structured to lead conclusion jumpers straight to the Hall of Laughter.
--NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu's
Exquisite Corpse Journal

It takes a twisted sense of humor to appreciate this lunatic scholar, degenerate
Harold Bloom, and biblical madman.
--John-Ivan Palmer,
nthposition Magazine

I found Acting Alone to have an incredible energy level.
--Stanley Elkin, author of
A Bad Man

Tom Bradley, this enormously misplaced exile, as he enters his second quarter
century commuting back and forth between Hiroshima and “Naga-etcetera,” would
make Lafcadio Hearn reel with laughter, if not shake his head in wonder.
--Lolita Lark, editor of
RALPH Magazine

...an astute thinker and a stylist of rare brilliance...more than lives up to the
glowing recommendation....expressed with great insight and charm...
--Harold Lime

Tom Bradley is one of the most misunderstood and ill-appreciated master-writers
on the planet... This spectacular literary Lucifer, star of the East, talks like Hume
might be imagined to have spoken to the comely Grisettes of pre-Revolutionary
Paris (Well, here we are, young ladies! Here we are!)...
--Jesse Glass, author of T
he Lost Poet

...a writer with a gloriously skewed and multitudinous vision...
--Darran Anderson,
3:AM Magazine